CBD (cannabidiol) is a therapeutic compound produced by cannabis. It is commonly extracted and processed into oils, gummies, topicals, and other products that have created much curiosity.

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What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis and hemp. CBD oils, gummies, and other products are continuing to grow in popularity as ways to manage anxiety, stress, pain, and other symptoms.

We typically associate cannabis with getting stoned, but CBD can be extracted from the plant to make products that come without the high or the smoke. This is an option for those searching for cannabis pain relief in place of pharmaceuticals.

The molecule in cannabis that gets us high is called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and now you can turn to cannabis-derived CBD products with little to no THC for clear-headed symptom relief.

Tonik Cannabis has a wide array of CBD products, including THC Oil, for our clients who prefer that particular level of “High” for recreation. We also have Hemp Oil for pain relief and is also a favorite client choice to alleviate stress and anxiety.

How does CBD work in the brain and body?

Each of our bodies has a set of receptors that interacts with cannabis compounds called cannabinoids, like CBD. These receptors, found throughout the body, comprise the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex signaling system that ensures our bodies maintain homeostasis.

In other words, the endocannabinoid system keeps us in balance by directing the communication traffic in our bodies. Cannabinoids such as CBD interact with this system, mimicking natural compounds (called endocannabinoids) produced by the body.

In the human body, CBD influences cannabinoid receptor activity and encourages production of the body’s natural endocannabinoids. Interestingly, CBD also affects activity beyond the endocannabinoid system and can also interact with opioid, dopamine, and serotonin receptors. The ability of CBD to interact with so many different systems throughout the body suggests it has the potential to open new frontiers in psychiatry and medicine.

Can CBD make you feel high?

CBD is not intoxicating, unlike THC. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, but they behave very differently in our bodies.

THC stimulates what are called CB1 receptors. When CB1 receptors are activated, humans generally experience feelings of euphoria—or, for some, anxiety and paranoia. CBD doesn’t activate CB1 receptors, so we don’t feel euphoric, anxious, or high when taking it.

In fact, CBD can actually reduce THC’s ability to stimulate CB1 receptors, helping to block some of THC’s side effects. For those prone to anxiety and forgetfulness when consuming cannabis, CBD is a good option.

What are some conditions that CBD can potentially treat?

CBD is a compound with diverse medical potential, so it’s no surprise that it’s become a trendy “cure-all” in the wellness space of late. Considering there’s currently no supervision over ingredients in CBD oil and other products, or the medical claims tied to them, it’s OK to be skeptical. We encourage that.

These claims often begin with anecdotal evidence, early research, and animal studies, but human studies are finally starting to fill in the gaps around CBD’s touted benefits. With that caveat in mind, here’s what we understand about CBDs for pain and potential therapeutic applications.

CBD and Anxiety Relief

Ask around and you’ll find a friend, relative, or acquaintance who swears by CBD for anxiety and stress relief. A majority of CBD research suggests it may be beneficial for anxiety symptoms, possibly by influencing activity in the serotonin system.

For quick relief of acute stress and anxiety, consider vaporizing high-CBD strains that also contain an array of botanical compounds—or try a clean, lab-tested CBD oil. Ingesting CBD oil can also help alleviate anxiety on the fly, but the effects are not instantaneous.

CBD and Pain Relief

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According to research, CBD seems to help with two types of pain: neuropathic and inflammatory. Neuropathic pain is usually described as a burning sensation and affected areas are often sensitive to the touch. Symptoms of neuropathic pain may also include excruciating pain, pins and needles, difficulty correctly sensing temperatures, numbness, components of cancer pain, phantom limb pain, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Inflammatory pain has symptoms like joint pain, redness, and sensitivity. For other types of pain, CBD appears to be less effective. The euphoria-causing cannabinoid THC appears to also lend pain-relieving benefits such as muscle and systemic inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis), so if that’s your need, you might consider a product with both CBD and THC. You may even consider starting with a low dose of THC (2.5 to 5mg)—one likely to deliver little to no detectable high—to see if it enhances the painkilling power of CBD.

Not only can cannabis help supplement and replace a regimen of opioid painkillers, cannabis appears to enhance the effects of opioids, allowing some patients to cut back their regular dose of pharmaceutical painkillers. With that pointed out, cannabis pain relief actually is preferred by most clients rather than pharmacological painkillers.

CBD and Insomnia

Research has shown that dosage plays a role between CBD and sleep. Higher doses appearing to be more effective than lower doses. For context, one study indicated that a 160mg dose of CBD correlated with longer sleep duration, while 25mg of CBD seemed to have no effect on insomnia symptoms.

Another consideration: What’s keeping you up at night? CBD may help with symptoms that cause sleeplessness. If pain, anxiety, or stress is keeping you from settling into sleep, CBD just might be your answer to a peaceful mind and body—and restful sleep.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an umbrella term for many different products. It’s most commonly found as a liquid extract in bottles with a dropper built into the lid—also called tinctures. CBD oil can be dropped under the tongue for fast absorption or mixed directly into food or drinks. Some full-spectrum oils may contain small traces of THC Oil, but not enough to provide intoxicating effects.

Who should try or buy CBD Oil?

CBD oil may also come in a gelcap that you swallow like a supplement, with effects that take a bit longer to kick in. CBD oils are commonly used for a wide variety of symptoms including pain, anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Visit Tonik Cannabis to review the types of cannabis oil for sale.

How much is CBD Oil?

CBD oils vary in cost based on the form it has been produced in. CBD Gummies and CBD beverages are usually less expensive than high concentration CBD oils and CBD Capsules or CBD Isolates.

Cannabis-derived CBD oil vs Hemp CBD:

Those currently using or interested in hemp oil for pain relief may find greater benefits from Cannabis derived CBD.

  • Pro: Cannabis produces a wider spectrum of therapeutic compounds (and in greater abundance) compared to hemp.
  • Pro: Cannabis-derived CBD products are strictly regulated and tested compared to hemp oil for pain based products.

Tonik Cannabis offers hemp oil for pain in the Brantford area. So if you prefer your CBD from hemp, we still got you covered.

What’s the right dose of CBD?

Your perfect CBD dose depends on a few different factors, including your individual biology, the delivery method, and the specific nature of your symptoms.

There is no ideal, one-size-fits-all dose with CBD. Your perfect CBD dose depends on a few different factors, including your individual biology, the delivery method, and the specific nature of your symptoms. For example, high doses of CBD (upward of 600mg daily) seem to be more effective for conditions like epilepsy, whereas low doses are potentially effective for anxiety.

Research shows there’s a sweet spot when it comes to dosing cannabinoids like CBD: Consume too much or too little, and you may feel limited relief or side effects.

If you’re using CBD oils, edibles, or other products to treat symptoms like anxiety, stress, pain, or insomnia—start with a low dose of CBD (around 5mg) and slowly increase until you’ve found the optimal dose for you.

We got you covered: Don’t hesitate to talk to our store budtenders in our Brantford pot shop. They can help you get the best CBD product that will fit your desired outcome.

How do I take CBD oil and other products?

CBD comes in many different forms—you can smoke it, swallow it as an oil or edible gummies, place it in your food as an isolate, vaporize it, apply it as a lotion, or use it as a bath bomb. With so many options, it’s easy for anyone to fit CBD into their lifestyle.

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But even though all these products deliver CBD, they don’t all work in the same way. Some delivery methods are more suited to different conditions, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with every available option. Speak with an associate at Tonik Cannabis for further information on consumption methods best suited for you.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles describe food and beverages that are infused with CBD oil or isolate. Infused gummies, chocolates, candies, and chews are the most commonly found food items, while CBD sparkling waters and fruit beverages dominate the beverage space. Because they can be long-lasting in effect, CBD edibles are most popular among people managing pain, inflammation, and stress.

CBD topicals and lotions

CBD topicals are products you can spread on the skin for localized relief of pain, inflammation, soreness, and potentially headaches. Lotions, balms, gels, sprays, oils, creams, bath bombs, and lubes; CBD topicals come in many forms. Some absorb faster (water-based), and others absorb more deeply (oil-based).

Along with CBD, you’ll also frequently find ingredients like menthol, capsaicin, cayenne, camphor, or anti-inflammatory cannabinoids like THC in CBD topicals. CBD and THC topical products do not provide any intoxicating effects or get you high.

CBD vapes

CBD vapes refer to pre-filled CBD oil cartridges that attach to vape batteries. Vaporized CBD can deliver fast-acting effects, making this delivery method great for those in need of quick relief from symptoms like anxiety and stress.

If you’re concerned about the ingredients in CBD oils, consider herbal vaporizers. These devices allow you to enjoy pure CBD flowers.

What cannabis strains are high in CBD?

Although most cannabis strains have been bred to contain high levels of THC, there’s a growing pool of high-CBD strains available for consumers looking for a gentle high or a high-free experience. These strains look a lot like high-THC strains with a few subtle differences—they’re often less resinous with less pronounced aromas.

There are two primary types of CBD strains:

  • CBD-dominant strains contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, which typically result in almost no high when consumed
  • Balanced CBD/THC strains contain near-equal levels of both CBD and THC, and deliver a mild high when consumed.

Check with Tonik Cannabis in Brantford to see which high-CBD strains we have in stock. Once you’ve purchased a high-CBD strain, you can smoke it, vaporize it, or use it to make an infused oil.

Where to find the best Cannabis Oil in Brantford?

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Why choose Tonik Cannabis for CBD oil products?

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Where to buy THC Oil in Brantford?

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In a Nutshell:

Cannabis oil is an excellent treatment for a variety of conditions and its uses are only going to grow. If you’re considering cannabis oil as a potential way to improve your or someone else’s quality of life, come talk with us about how it might be right for your needs. We offer consultations where we can discuss the benefits and risks associated with using this type of medicine, so contact us, or better yet drop by at our local weed dispensary at Brantford and talk to our amazing budtenders. It’s always our pleasure to serve you.