Tonik Cannabis is celebrating one of its busiest months of business in April of 2023.

BRANTFORD, ON | May 4, 2023

Local retailer owner Anthony Horvath says he was thrilled with the sales he saw during the month of April and the support the cannabis dispensary received from the community during 4/20.

“Thank you to everyone who came by to support us by making a purchase during the month of April and celebrating 4/20,” said Horvath. “We are so grateful for the support of the Brantford community and our customers. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to every person who stopped by our store or made a purchase. Each of you contributed to the success of one of our busiest months yet!” 

During April, Tonik Cannabis featured a variety of products and brands in their store, discounting different items and encouraging customers to stop by and try new products, or repurchase their favourite quality cannabis products and accessories. 

This year Tonik saw a shift in consumer purchasing habits, with sales for cannabis flower decreasing, and sales for cannabis infused beverages and edibles increasing. Tonik saw a large increase in sales of these items during 4/20 with consumers wanting to try new products as they become more available. Tonik Cannabis was excited to offer these products to consumers as they celebrated 4/20 and will continue to make these products available for purchase in a variety of brands and products to respond to new consumer interest.