2023 Platinum Award Winner


Tonik Cannabis takes home Best Cannabis Store award for second straight year

BRANTFORD, ON | MAY 3, 2023 – Tonik Cannabis is celebrating back-to-back wins in Community Votes Brantford. The family-owned, Brantford-based cannabis retail shop received the most votes from community members and is taking home the Platinum award for Best Cannabis Store for the second straight year.

“I’m so thankful for this incredible honour from our community,” says Anthony Horvath, owner of Tonik. “When we first opened, we had no idea how much support we’d receive from Brantford. To receive this recognition from our loyal customers for the second year in a row is such an honour. But we wouldn’t be in our current position without our dedicated team and customers.” 

In 2022, Tonik won the Community Votes Brantford Platinum award for Best Cannabis Store around their first anniversary. Tonik Cannabis opened their doors in April 2021 and has been dedicated to providing customers with quality goods, exceptional service and deep product knowledge. 

Community Votes was developed in 2014, and it spans across Canada to give members of an individual community the power to take control and nominate a business in their community. Small businesses are the heart and soul of every community, and CommunityVotes is designed to provide critical insights about a community based on the recognition of its members. 


Tonik Cannabis is a family-run cannabis dispensary committed to providing customers with the education and products they need to ensure a positive cannabis experience focused on wellness and well-being. Team members are wise cannabis advocates helping people at any stage of their cannabis journey. The team at Tonik Cannabis works to end the stigma around cannabis and acts as a voice to help people discover the right product for them. Tonik Cannabis has seen the positive impact of cannabis use on countless people of all ages.

Website: https://tonikcannabis.com/

Facebook: @TonikCanna

Instagram: @tonik.cannabis

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