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Tonik Cannabis spoke to the Brantford Expositor about their values and why they started their business 

BRANTFORD, ON | November 2022 – Tonik Cannabis sat down with the Brantford Expositor to discuss the story behind their company. Anthony, Connor, and Bronson Horvath shared the very personal story of what sparked their interest in the cannabis industry and how they have brought their values into their business. 

“Running Tonik Cannabis has been such an exciting ride, we are so thrilled to share that with the Brantford community,” said Anthony Horvath, owner of Tonik. “It was amazing to be featured and be able to share our story.” 

Tonik Cannabis has only one location as the family wants to stay focused on bringing in new products to meet the needs of their local community. 

Read the full story in the Focus on Brant special in the Brantford Expositor:


Tonik Cannabis is a family-run cannabis dispensary committed to providing customers with the education and products they need to ensure they have a positive cannabis experience focused around wellness and wellbeing. Team members are wise cannabis advocates helping people at any stage of their cannabis journey. The team at Tonik Cannabis works to end the stigma around cannabis, and act as a voice to help people discover the right product for them. Tonik Cannabis has seen the positive impact of cannabis use on countless people of all ages.


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Instagram: @tonik.cannabis

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